In this April interview, Alilovic talks about the legal services offered by non-lawyers, developing a course to help organizations maintain remote and hybrid workplaces, and learning the secrets of Oprah Winfrey`s success. For me, I see the biggest challenge in the fact that non-lawyers provide legal services. They offer similar products/services at a lower cost and in an often more accessible way. Delivering justice differently is essential for the law firms of the future. Despite this love of debate, my favorite part of the job is helping business owners truly understand their obligations as an employer so they can lay the groundwork to never face lawsuits. The company`s strategic advice will help you avoid problems, solve problems and increase growth, and all solutions will be commercially sound and tailored to your needs. 3D HR Legal does not believe in providing standardized answers or documents where you just have to fill in the blanks. Nor do they believe in the use of legal jargon. All tips are explained directly and in the most easily understandable terms to ensure that you do not have any misunderstandings or uncertainties about legal requirements and rights that may hinder the decision-making process. Cara is recognized by her clients for her high-quality, timely, commercial and practical legal advice to help resolve a variety of labour relations issues.

3D HR Legal is a law firm specializing in labor law. We work with professional services firms to help them avoid legal claims, learn what they don`t know, and create thriving work cultures that contribute to business success. Liz is passionate about creating harmonious workplaces where coexistence thrives. She believes in building on a solid foundation – training, procedures and well-written documents – so that businesses can operate smoothly and legal complaints are minimized. Because of this belief, Liz has developed a keen interest in simple English bills, problem solving and trade negotiations. Joanne Alilovic is a human resources lawyer who works with companies that want to do everything right from the start. It helps companies interested in strategic planning and preventive measures to avoid legal claims that can arise when an employment relationship breaks down. Instead, they struggle with communication and difficult conversations, they`re not sure what the law allows them to do, and the result is sleepless nights worrying about legal claims and all the work that remains to be done. What challenges can you expect in your practice and in the legal process in general? What are the particularly pressing challenges in the country`s legal industry? Entrepreneurs come to us when they feel overwhelmed by legal requirements, have employees who don`t seem to know how to behave or do their job, and their teams aren`t efficient or productive. Having worked for many years in fast-paced roles as legal assistants, personal assistants, paralegals and management, Myra doesn`t have much experience supporting business administration.

Myra has had the privilege of working closely with business leaders, partners, special advisors, notaries and senior partners in Perth, Western Australia. This has brought Myra into a variety of work environments and leadership styles. Myra is professional, hardworking, enthusiastic and is proud and passionate about completing any task. We don`t just solve the symptoms. Together, we help them transform their business by creating a thriving corporate culture where employees can understand and share the company`s vision. Get your copy of Homeforce at Amazon, Booktopia, Barnes and Noble, Book Depositary In nearly 20 years as a lawyer, I`ve learned that most business owners simply want a team to get the job done and help their business succeed. Jo Alilovic is the director and founder of 3D HR Legal, an employment lawyer with 20 years of experience, author and advocate for flexible working who leads by example. Joanne Alilovic explains why law firms should focus on cultivating exceptional workplaces Subscribe to our FREE newsletter service and we`ll keep you up to date with the latest news, opinions and expert analysis that affect both your business and the industry as a whole. Alilovic recently published his first book, Homeforce, to help companies cultivate an effective work environment at home – fulfilling a long-cherished teenage dream and solidifying the validity of hybrid and remote work in companies. She also believes there needs to be innovation and more options for modern lawyers in terms of career growth.

Scott Stevens is an HR professional who understands business challenges and enjoys solving problems through simple advice and strong relationships. Cara is a Senior Labour Relations Lawyer specializing in labour, labour relations and safety law. More and more law firms need to focus on creating great jobs – otherwise we will be a profession full of individual practitioners, all desperately trying to create their own workplaces. We have seen that a large number of lawyers have left law firms to create an individual firm, usually for more flexibility. Unfortunately, running your own business isn`t always all it should be. I`d like to see law firms really challenge the way they do things – hours, prices, salaries, the traditional career ladder – and look for innovative ways to offer a wider variety of options that meet the changing needs of modern lawyers. Definitely build my Homeforce course. I firmly believe that remote/hybrid workplaces will only grow, and I look forward to helping other business owners lay the foundation for success. Cara Leavesley is passionate about building relationships with clients, understanding her business and providing practical advice to help them achieve their goals. For Joanne Alilovic, the way law is practiced must change so that law firms can keep pace with the future. The flexible working champion, who founded 3D HR Legal, an employment law firm, believes that companies must prioritize the development of quality workplaces in order to retain their employees. I think the biggest concern in the legal process in general is the preservation of the mental health of our people.

Wellness needs to be a major goal in the future – and as mentioned above, it needs to be more than just offering gym memberships and five-minute massages at the office (although these things are great!) It has to be a holistic change in the way we build our law firms and practice law. Cara has worked in world-class labour relations in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne and has extensive experience in conducting workplace investigations (bullying, harassment, discrimination and WHS incidents) and advising/assisting clients in managing employment, industrial relations and health and safety issues. After many years in a traditional law firm, Jo founded 3D HR Legal, an employment law firm operating in a fully virtual work environment. What technology-related initiatives, if any, do you get most excited about from the company? Sofia Basso is a law student who is passionate about problem solving and completing tasks. Having previously worked as a medical receptionist, Sofia understands the importance of building strong relationships and achieving efficiency in the workplace. She is an organized and hard-working worker who focuses on delivering her work at a high level.