AALS Faculty Appointment Services are the hub through which most entry-level institutions for tenure-track faculty positions are carried out in law schools, connecting those who wish to become law professors with schools looking for new faculties. A large part of our teachers work part-time on the platform. With teachers setting their own schedules, online classes with Preply can complement people`s lives with other commitments ranging from childcare to self-employment to university studies. In fact, there is no quota of hours that our teachers have to reach each week, each month or each year, and all planning is agreed exclusively between students and teachers. Consistently, we recommend that our new teachers pay close attention to classroom time management, take advantage of the many online educational resources available, and set student expectations early and consistently. As a law professor at Preply, you will work with our talented and passionate professors. We are proud that almost all of our law tutors have a bachelor`s, master`s or even doctoral degree in this field. Similarly, many have passed typical aptitude tests in the field of AP law to SAT law and have many years of experience in their field of teaching. If you are interested in becoming a law professor, please visit our candidates page. Assist the teacher in planning learning activities. Encourage students to interact with others and participate in teacher-led activities. If we look at our business statistics, we can see that all of our U.S.-based law professors work part-time, between 0 and 10 hours a week.

However, it is important to understand that each teacher sets their own prices as they see fit. Due to their academic background, professional experience, and popularity (among others), our teachers may choose to charge more or less for an hour of their time. Globally, we can see that law professors charge between $11 and $100 an hour. If you are an administrator working with a law school nominating committee, a law professor involved in hiring for your school, or a current faculty member interested in a lateral move, please visit our law school website. Although the majority of our teachers have an academic background in their discipline, there is no need to apply to work with us. As a potential teacher, it is important to know that our most successful teachers are usually those who teach specialized courses. As a specialist tutor, it is possible to target an area where student demand is high while relying on your specific academic and professional background. High-need specializations currently include administrative, civil, corporate and criminal law, as well as preparation for the AP Comparative Government and Politics, AP US Government and Politics and GCSE and LSAT exams.