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TIMELESS strives to offer high quality and low-cost solutions for businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs who are willing to establish a presence in Dubai, UAE. Our objective is to elucidate the complexities and pitfalls and offer our expertise and experience to achieve the specific goals of each business willing to enter the UAE’s thriving markets.



Our mission at TIMELESS is to address the needs of businesses willing to enter the UAE market. We possess the necessary expertise and enable businesses to present their products or services to the market in the least amount of cost and time.



We envision a future where markets are more integrated and the high demand of businesses to enter other markets needs to be facilitated. We, at TIMELESS, are making the next steps to facilitate the higher demand that is yet to come.


TIMELESS is a public relations firm set up in 2018 with the primary vision of providing quality service and value for our customer’s money. The firm has a team of highly skilled workforce comprising of experts in technical and analytical fields offering our consumers top-notch consultancy public relations services at extremely competitive rates in the UAE market.

In order to provide high-quality services like no other in the industry, TIMELESS finds its strength in its innovative approach to public relations and is committed to providing the necessary help required to capitalize on the advantages provided by operating in Dubai’s thriving markets. To this end, TIMELESS provides services such as company/business setup, health and car insurance, translations, document attestations, typing services, EJARI, visa services, copying and printing services, and many more.

Given that business setups in the UAE require a satisfying multitude of legal and financial criteria, investors can find establishing their business presence to be daunting and time-consuming. TIMELESS facilitates business setup processes by PR services. These services include:

• Providing pick-up and drop-off services of government documentation and, hence, eliminating clients’ need to travel
• Handling of documents in a timely and efficient way as to minimize possible disturbances to business setup processes
• Scheduling needed document renewals and thereby avoiding payment of heavy fines

We estimate that our services help you save at least 50 percent of the costs that you would have incurred if you were to proceed with the business setup yourself.

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