(vi) weigh or cause to be weighed any mineral extracted from the leased area from time to time on any part of the leased land, the Deputy Commissioner/Collector giving notice of such action or weighing so that he or any person may be present on his behalf; (g) “illegal mining” means any reconnaissance, prospecting or mining activity carried on by a person or company in an area without holding a mining concession in accordance with section 4, subsection (1) of the Act. (h) “prescribed substances” means minerals on the list of substances prescribed under the Atomic Energy Act, 1962 (33 of 1962); Minerals and ores of zirconium, including zirconium. (b) if the atomic mineral content is equal to or greater than the threshold, the publication shall be published under Notification No. G.S.R. 677(E) vom 11. July 2016 (c) `beach sand minerals` means heavy economic minerals present in teri or beach sand, including ilmenite, rutile, leucoxene, garnet, monazite, zircon and sillimanite; (n) `total heavy mineral` means minerals consisting of ilmenite, rutile, zirconium, monazite, sillimanite, leukoxene and garnet. Uranilallanite, monazite and other thorium minerals (p) If, in the case of the extraction of beach sand mineral deposits or heavy mineral deposits in teris or areas containing atomic minerals, is mined jointly with other minerals, the lessee must keep records and details of the list of minerals extracted, details on the extraction method and location of these minerals in the mining lease. Tonnage of these minerals, mineralogy, complete material balance to maintain these minerals in relation to the in situ mineral content. 3.3. (a) Any order made by the Government of the State or any other authority in the exercise of its powers under or under the Act or these Regulations with respect to the regulation of concessions for nuclear minerals and related purposes; or (a) if the atomic mineral content is below the threshold, the Directorate shall provide the State Government with written notice accompanied by a copy of the geological report which may grant mining concessions for that area in accordance with sections 10B and 17A of the Act. and the rules contained therein; Titanium-containing minerals and ores (ilmenite, rutile and leukoxene) B.

The performance bond must be provided to the Governor of [name of State] (the “State”) for the performance of certain obligations pursuant to the date of [reference to key documents – mining lease, mining development and production contract] with respect to [details of concession] (collectively, the “concession document”). (n) The power to take possession of installations, machinery, premises and mines in time of war or emergency; For titanium-containing minerals found in hard rock, 60 ppm U3O8 and/or 250 ppm ThO2 in rock.