Thompsons is proud to offer free legal services to NAHT members as part of their membership program. Want to know more about NAHT? Visit us on Nick Roumel and the rest of Night Law`s incredible lawyers and staff are truly a boon to the legal community in Ann Arbor and Southeast Michigan as a whole. Her professionalism, integrity, efficiency and keen sense of law are invaluable to her clients, and I recommend her to anyone who needs legal representation. You won`t find a more compassionate, empathetic and dedicated counselor than Nick Roumel. Losing a job is rarely ideal. Such circumstances can cause any worker to feel insecure and uncomfortable. Fortunately, their employer can offer severance pay to some Michigan workers when they are laid off. Although it is not required by law in most states, companies. For AHOEC members who wish to join NAHT, applications should be submitted directly to taking into account that legal action can be intimidating at the best of times. Our labour and civil rights lawyers listen to you to fully understand your concerns and objectives. We explain your rights and options, including the potential benefits and risks of each course of action.

Our approach offers the convenience of good advice in a confidential low-pressure environment. All views, opinions and guidelines provided represent the views of NAHT and are for informational purposes only. The information provided is not intended for legal and/or professional advice or a final interpretation of any law for the purposes of specific individual circumstances. Our Michigan-based attorneys provide comprehensive legal services to meet your individual needs. We serve Michigan and Ohio. Contact NachtLaw, P.C. for results. Finally, never forget the NAHT Counseling Team`s mantra for school leaders about family separation: Don`t take sides Our support in school law does not include employment law, as it is already covered by recruitment counselling. The service is not available as a stand-alone service and requires the school to have already subscribed to our Human Resources Counselling Support Kit. Our service only covers issues that arise in the normal functioning of the school. For example, it will not cover the commercial activities of a school, although we can include these areas from the outset by agreement.

It should be remembered that a large number of studies show that the education of children will benefit if both parents remain involved in their learning. Thus, it is not only the legal right of both parents to be informed about their child`s education, but it can ultimately improve their child`s progress. NAHT is both a union and a professional association that provides quality advice and support to education leaders, not just schools. Management advice, representation and legal support in difficult times are available to you when you become a member of NAHT. There is no guarantee that NachtLaw, P.C. will offer a free consultation to every potential client. The firm will make this decision based on the nature of the matter, our potential interest in the matter and other factors. In addition, any free consultation may have a more limited scope than the paid consultation. For example, the firm can only offer pre-screening to learn more about the claim without fully reviewing the documents, providing full legal advice, or entering into an attorney-client relationship. This guide is designed to help school leaders avoid such problems by knowing the legal requirements, best practices and experiences of others.

Making sure your school has good practices in place will avoid many problems, as will raising awareness of the right steps to take in certain situations. Our guides are divided into the following areas – click below to see all available guides on each topic: I was very pleased with all the legal staff at Nacht Law. I needed legal advice due to an employment issue at the beginning of COVID and didn`t know where to turn. My divorce lawyer referred me to David Nacht and immediately accepted my case. He and all of his legal staff were professional and attentive and answered all my many questions in a timely manner. Essentially, I was treated as if I was important. Our dedicated team of personal injury lawyers have more experience in compensating union members than any other UK law firm, and we ensure that executives working in the education sector have first-class legal protection in the event of an accident or injury on or off the job. Prompt, intelligent, serious, helpful and emotional support advice and support. I highly recommend David. It is very simple and provides an excellent reality check on what is achievable in a case. I believe it is extremely important that your lawyer himself is passionate about your case, but at the same time weakens your own passions that can cloud your judgment. After listening to David`s advice, I knew exactly how to proceed, and I am very grateful for David`s astute perspective.

These popular guides are just a taste of the wealth of information available to you as a NAHT member. Further information can be found via the search function or via the consultation topics listed below. Talk to a consultant today about our recruitment consulting Nick and his team were extremely responsive and gave you great advice. The analysis presented was quite correct and allowed the best result of a difficult situation. I highly recommend the NachtLaw team. Do you have any questions or questions? Do not hesitate to contact us. NAHT is an independent trade union and professional body representing over 28,500 members in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Members hold leadership positions at an early age; primary; special and secondary schools; independent schools; Sixth Form and FE Colleges; open-air educational centres; Student reference offices, social institutions and other educational institutions. It is completely confidential and provides you with telephone or online support from specialized call managers and consultants who understand the demands of working in the field of education.

School shootings are back in the news, at universities in Virginia and Idaho. In Virginia, the suspect has already been investigated for gun possession, he had a secret gun violation that he did not report to university officials as required, and was. Paul Whiteman, NAHT`s Director of Advocacy and Boards, established the link between AHOEC and NAHT`s National Executive. This provides an opportunity to raise the profile of AHOEC among NAHT Executive members and to represent the interests of AHOEC members on specific issues. At NachtLaw, P.C., our mission is to protect employee rights and develop fair workplace policies in Michigan and Ohio. We`ll work with you to explore the best options for your career, family, and life – not just what you can and can`t do. It should also be remembered that school is sometimes the only normal for children whose parents separate and it is important that quarrels and hostile parents remain outside the doors. I have worked with Mr. Roumel on various topics and it is obvious that he is knowledgeable and cares about his clients.

Can`t recommend it enough! Middle managers (NAHT Edge) (Full time: 14.75 per month / £177 per year.