If you do not pay the collection costs, you may be of interest to the authorities. Citation fees may apply. If you do not pay the summons fee, an arrest warrant may be issued against you. Ignoring these posts will not make them go away. It is advisable to take legal action immediately and speak to a lawyer to learn more about your options. Invoices are the first collection action taken by the NTTA against a driver. They start quite nicely by listing the alleged toll routes and the amount accumulated through travel. The official explanation on NTTA`s website invoices on invoices is as follows: As you can see from reading this article, there are many moving parts when it comes to defending NTTA cases. It is imperative that you properly defend your case to avoid issuing registration bans or arrest warrants for non-payment of toll tickets.

Take the time to contact an NTTA attorney to further discuss your case. If you would like to speak to our NTTA ticketing lawyers about your case, call us at 214-321-4105. The official statement of the usual violations of the NTTA website reads: The North Texas Transportation Authority (NTTA) maintains toll road operations in North Texas. Many individuals choose to pay tolls via cashless toll using a TollTag registered on a specific vehicle. Each time the vehicle passes a toll, the owner`s account is debited. In 2013, the NTTA began introducing new penalties for routine violations (defined as registered vehicle owners who have 100 or more unpaid tolls in a year and have received two non-payment notices), including: Every year, millions of North Texas residents and visitors travel on NTTA toll roads. About 92% of them pay for toll road use and associated maintenance, security, surveillance and reliable driving. But a small percentage doesn`t pay their share. Instead, these drivers routinely ignore multiple bills, ignore court subpoenas, and refuse to pay what they owe for toll road use. People who do not have a TollTag must also pay tolls.

The owner of the vehicle will receive an invoice by mail from NTTA. Failure to pay the invoice may result in collection fees by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). These fees can add up quickly and the vehicle owner can face thousands of dollars in fines. If you have received a letter from the NTTA stating that you owe money, contact our law firm to discuss your options. We may be able to reach an agreement with the NTTA to reduce these costly fines. However, a person may challenge the usual offender`s explanation. So, if you receive a regular notice of violations, be sure to consult a lawyer immediately. If you`re having trouble with the North Texas Tollway Authority, it`s good to have a general understanding of the complexity involved.

NTTA lawyers will be the first to tell you that there are many moving parts to an unpaid toll ticket. If a lawyer doesn`t understand or understand all the different aspects of a toll ticket, it can cause big problems for the clients they want to help. This article is a general overview of some of the key issues that our NTTA ticketing lawyers face on a daily basis. If you would like to speak to a defense attorney for non-payment of toll tickets after reading this article, please contact our office at 214-321-4105. Administrative fees and the calculation of these fees have been highly controversial for years. In some cases, NTTA has been accused of charging up to $20,000.00 in administrative fees. However, they were prosecuted in Federal Court on the matter and are now complying with the spirit of the legislation authorizing these types of administrative fees. Usually, the fee can be around 10% to 20% of the total amount of the alleged invoices. However, this may be overstated in some cases. It is always a good idea to consult a lawyer about the amount of administrative fees allegedly owed and what is appropriate under the law. Do not hesitate to contact a Jack Byno & Associates lawyer at any time to find out how we can help you.

Our lawyers have helped many people avoid costly fines and fees for NTTA violations. While there are often ways to resolve these issues outside of court, we have extensive experience representing clients facing NTTA violations in Plano courts and other Dallas-Fort Worth area courts. Our experience can help you minimize the consequences of your traffic violation and revoke the mandate.