Most of his churches were ingenious compromises between his ideals and their necessities or whims. A whim can be a sudden impulse or a change of mind, such as when you go shopping for school clothes, but buy a pink cowboy hat instead. Whim is an abbreviated version of the equally stupid Wham, which means “imaginative object,” like a tiny snow globe playing “Hava Nagila.” If you`re driving on a whim, you can find yourself anywhere, maybe even go back to the store to flip that snow globe. The whims of fashionistas brought us bell socks and skinny jeans and everything else. And he had patiently endured all their domineering limits and obeyed all their crazy and jealous whims. They shouldn`t just decide on a whim what they want to do. I have enough trouble doing chores without responding to their whims. This is the evil thing about foreign policy, they are foreign and will not always suit our mood. A whim is a strange or imaginative idea, something crazy that you suddenly decide to do, like dress like a chicken or go to Vegas. Most Americans have seen Africa through the prism of LiveAid or Black Hawk Down or Madonna`s altruistic whims. I only know my CV.

is usually reduced to: “She did not become governor of Georgia.” But it`s important to understand everything I did to prepare for this competition, this campaign was not a whim. It was the result of decades of conscious work that built my ability to serve as many people as possible in the most effective way. A president can do this by giving in to his whims through unwritten laws and executive action. They are not bound to the whims of the most powerful, because their knowledge and skills open doors. Synonyms:Caprice, caprice, impression, feeling, concept, transience, opinion, caprice, caprice, jump, faith, impulse, arbitrary There is no intermediate way to subject our sacred rights to the whims of foreign tyrants. The secret mockery and openly expressed compassion for the whims, weaknesses and shortcomings of his comrade tell a story. (The developers) seem to be caught up in political economy. This effectively leads to a huge number of bad decisions because you are now making investments based on political whims and political winds, rather than business acumen. He knew absolutely nothing about her, except the story she told of childish innocence and the whims of a selfish libertine.

“The theatrical concept of disguise is associated with a catastrophe in his stories”; “He had a whim to go to the moon”; “The mood can be humorous for someone who has time to enjoy it.” Caprice, oddity, infatuation, gossip, impulse, fashion, fantasy, mania.