In the 5th episode of 2000`s “X-Men: Evolution”, titled “Speed & Spyke”, the final scene takes place at a pool party and the music played during this sequence is a remix of the theme song from the original 1992 cartoon “X-Men”. And of course, we have the 2002 movie “SPIDER-Man,” which uses the character`s 1960s TV series theme as a song in the universe that a subway musician invents. Lux has always been passionate about music and started his career right after high school with a dream and a pair of chopsticks in his pocket. He had the opportunity of his life to work with the infamous Mike Post. After working with Post for nearly a decade, Lux became self-employed and is now in high demand for a variety of TV shows. Danny Lux is one of Hollywood`s most prolific songwriters and has composed music for shows such as Grey`s Anatomy, Raising Hope, My Name is Earl and The Good Wife. 2×01: “The Black Widow” September 27, 2005 “Jaws” and “The Wicked Witch” – The Silent Cellist >> episode page >> Transcript >> Review 2×02: “Schadenfreude” October 4, 2005 >> episode page >> Transcript >> Review 2×03: “Finding Nimmo” October 11, 2005 “The Song of Canada” – Five Iron Frenzy When Denny and Alan fly by helicopter to Nimmo Bay, a catchy song highlights the enthusiasm Denny seems to have for the trip. Shore worries about his unpleasant reaction to not understanding aerodynamics. >> episode page >> Transcript >> Review 2×04: “A Whiff and a Prayer” October 18, 2005 “The Battle Anthem of the Republic” Denny “Minute Man” Crane walks towards its closure with a musket.

“Cell Block Tango” – Chicago: The Musical The song was performed during Catherine Piper`s arrest and booking sequence. >> episode page >> Transcript >> Review 2×05: “Men to Boys” October 25, 2005 “Ya Got Trouble” – The Music Man Portrayed by James Spader [Alan] >> episode page >> Transcript 2×06: “Witches of Mass Extermination” November 1, 2005 “You and Me” – Lifehouse The soundtrack of the festive Halloween party serenaded the costumed participants as well as Denny and Alan on the balcony – in their flamingo costumes. >> episode page >> Transcript 2×07: “Truly, Madly, Deeply” November 8, 2005 e >> page of episode >> Transcript 2×08: “Ass Fat Jungle” November 15, 2005 “Someone To Watch Over Me” – Etta James soundtrack both under the scene where Shirley Schmidt reads to her father and under the balcony scene, while Denny talks about his mad cow disease and Alan talks about his night terrors. >> episode page >> transcript 2×09: “Gone” 6. December 2005 >> episode page >> 2×10 Transcript: “Legal Deficits” December 13, 2005 >> episode page >> 2×11 transcript: “The Cancer Man Can” January 10, 2005 “Last to Know” by Neil Finn During the restaurant scene with Daniel Post (Michael J. Fox) and Denise Bauer, we hear “Last to Know” from his album “One All” [2001]. Neil was in Split Enz and Crowded House and wrote “Don`t Dream It`s Over”. Text: “Feels like an accident wakeing up / Under a bus with my daus disced / Now is the time we could make it up” >> episode page>> Transcript 2×12: “Helping Hands” January 17, 2006 “(I`ve Had) The Time of My Life” by Jennifer Warnes of “Dirty Dancing” In segment 1, Denny and Bev Bridge rehearse their song with a karaoke machine – in the company. >> lyrics >> sample “A Gozar Con Mi Combo” by The Cachao Combo In segment 4, this song was played in Denny`s office while he was practicing a dance for his wedding. Alan joins him.

Denny said to Alan, “No, no. No no. It`s not on that one. It`s not a mambo. It`s a feeling, like a heartbeat. Kachunk, kachunk, kachunk. Alan Shore: “Shut up and dance, sir. This dialogue is identical to Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze) when he trained Frances (Jennifer Grey) on “Dirty Dancing”. [Film transcript] The song was also used in the movie “Things to Do in Denver When You`re Dead” and in the video game “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City”. This Cuban volume is widely credited with inventing the mambo. Text: Vamos a gozar con mi combo, vamos a bailar [Let`s have fun with mi combo, dance] [Thanks to Mossaenda and Sue for identifying this song and Loreley and Sue for the Dirty Dancing Tie-In] >> Sample “Charioit” by Gavin Degraw In segment 5, Denise Bauer and Daniel Post celebrate their case after his successful second presidency: “I feel like a cross between Clarence Darrow and Al Pacino in this movie where he screams.” Denise: “You`re really good at procedural law.

You really show. Daniel: “Maybe the next life. Lyrics: Oh char, I sing aloud, To guide me, give me your strength [Thanks to DRG and Sue] >> lyrics>> Sample “Keep Me In Your Heart For Awhile” by Warren Zevon In the sixth segment, Denise Bauer and Daniel Post lie in bed and talk. Later, while he sleeps, she searches for alternative treatments for his cancer. Zevon wrote this haunting and beautiful song while dying of lung cancer. Text: If I leave you, it does not mean that I love you less, keep me in your heart for a while. >> Text >> Sample video Real Rhapsody [must have the real player installed] “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley In the last segment – the balcony scene – Bev blows on a cigar and meets Alan, Denny joins them. Do you already like them? Alain: “Yes, I do. Denny: “She has a lot of good qualities. Alain: “She makes my girlfriend smile. That`s the only quality that matters. Text: Don`t worry, because everything will be fine. >> lyrics >> taken >> the episode page >> transcript 2×13: “Too Much Information” January 24, 2006 2×14: “Breast in Show” 7.

February 2006 “For Once In My Life” by Michael Buble In a musical montage reminiscent of Ally McBeal, this song achieved a thoughtful plot summary: Brad looks at his D.A. poster and Shirley waits for the elevator/hotel room with Irma and Alan. Michael Buble, a retro crooner from Vancouver, Canada, has signed with Reprise Records, the label founded by Sinatra. His website contains >> lyrics >> audio sample “Dead Man`s Party” by Oingo Boingo. Daniel Post`s festive vigil theme is Bruins ice hockey — as well as Danny Elfman`s song created by Oingo Boingo, which can be heard primarily in “Weird Science.” >> lyrics>> Excerpt from >> episode page >> Forum Music page >> Transcript 2×15: “Smile” February 14, 2006 2×16 “Live Big” 21. February 2006 “Thanks, Again” by Georgia Murray Shirley and Paul were in a bar and listened to this Canadian singer sing Ricky Skaggs` song about fathers and daughters. Georgia was invited to appear in this episode after the BL production team saw her during the filming of “Finding Nimmo”. She also sang “City Lights” and “World Goes` Round.” Georgia recently recorded an acoustic version of “Thanks Again” and kindly provides a free MP3 download of this song on their iSounds page. Read >> article>> “Life is Wonderful” by Jason Mraz This song signed the balcony scene >> lyrics >> Sample “Wise Up” by Aimee Mann This song from the soundtrack of 1999`s “Magnolia” was the poignant scene in which Paul and Shirley think alone about the challenges they face.